Collections – Art Advisory

What is your personal focus

Enthusiasm and love for art?

Maybe paired with the desire to invest wisely?

Would you like to discover and support an artist at the beginning of his/her career and accompany him/her into a potentially successful future

Or would you rather trust blue chips? They don’t necessarily have to be acquired on a big budget, but can also be bought on a smaller one by investing in multiples and editions.

The growing global online and offline art market is exciting, but difficult to navigate, even for experienced and passionate collectors concerning acquisitions and sales. 

We discreetly advise and assist collectors of emerging as well as established collections on acquistions and sales to wisely establish and manage a collection

It is challenging to always make well informed decisions. Chances and risks are often close together but not always obvious. 

Market opportunities both in the first and secondary market are being identified and implemented for our clients.

Prices discreetly and professionally researched and negotiated.  

Advice helps to avoid under-informed purchases by determining the current market value of a work and the future prospects of an artist in time before the acquisition.

Supported by a carefully selected network of professional and trustworthy partners

additional services such as:

  • shipping
  • hanging
  • framing
  • restoration
  • insurance, tax and legal issues, etc. can be provided

Corporate Collections

The establishment of a corporate collection can offer a culturally enriched atmosphere for the benefit of employees - as well as tax advantages.

A prominently positioned collection can effectively contribute to the corporate identity.

Are there any special interests? Photography, painting, sculpture, installation, video? Certain themes and motifs that add to corporate image?

At the beginning of the counseling process, the personal motivation for building up a collection is jointly established and individual wishes and goals derived.